About Me

Rhys Roberts is an 18 year old bassist based in London and Brighton. He's versatile, has perfect pitch, and is keen on learning new genres of music. He has experience in session work and being in (and depping for) bands. 

He started his musical journey on keys at age 6, which he's been playing since. At age 14 he picked up the bass as he formed a school covers band who needed a bassist, and was up for the challenge of learning a new instrument. His inspirations are Adam 'Nolly' Getgood, Mark King, Henrik Linder and Jaco Pastorius.  At 16, he played his first gig, a 2 hour set at a private venue.

Going to ELAM (East London Arts and Music college) really transformed Rhys as a person and as a musician too. He learned a lot through his peers and started listening to lots of different genres, causing him to find his fire for learning new things and throwing himself into the deep end, making him into who he is today. 

Today, he's part of the 21/23 ELAM alumni and attends BIMM in Brighton, where he'll further study music and hone his craft.